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Many authors have been taking part in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. J. E. Knowles was kind enough to tag me. Check out her novels, The Trees of the Field and Arusha, at her website. Every writer is answering the same four questions. Some of them really made me think. Here are my answers: What am […]

Spot-On: “O Canada”

Here’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Please join us. Spot-On: “O Canada”, Jan 3-5, 2014 Lesbian Fiction by Canadian authors Many authors of fine lesbian fiction are actually Canadians and two Canadians, author Rebecca Swartz and Kathy Brodland, will co-host with the bookgeek a weekend where we celebrate those authors. And the authors graciously […]

Murder & Mayhem – Event – October 19, 2013

Murder & Mayhem with Crime Writers of Canada authors: Liz Bugg Meg Howald Nate Hendley John Cooper John Simpson Sharon Crawford Saturday, October 19, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Du Cafe 885 O’Connor Drive, Toronto  

Yellow Vengeance Giveaway on Goodreads

Goodreads Book Giveaway Yellow Vengeance by Liz Bugg Giveaway ends October 31, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win  

What’s your name little girl? Guest Post by Catherine Astolfo

The first time I met Catherine Astolfo she was wearing a witch’s hat. It was September of 2011, and as president of Crime Writers of Canada, she was supporting its booth at The Word on the Street by catching the attention of passersby. I was new to the crime-writing scene, and Catherine not only caught […]

The Next Big Thing

Every day there seem to be new promotional ideas for authors.  Some aren’t worth the time, effort and money involved. One opportunity, however, recently tapped me on the shoulder, and I felt it was too good to ignore. Robin Spano, author of the Clare Vengel Undercover Novels, asked if she could tag me in The […]

To Play or To Write

First thing every morning I sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee and check my email and other social media sites. I know a lot of people who do the same thing, and it’s a logical step toward our daily interactions in the virtual world, if not in the real one. It’s […]

So much to read, so little time.

My home is full of books, some having been with me since my university days and some having been shipped across the ocean in an aluminum trunk when I moved back to Canada from England after attending theatre school. These, along with many more recently acquired volumes,  all  hold a memories.  Although over the years […]

‘Oranges and Lemons’ Giveaway

Now that Pride celebrations are approaching in many cities and countries around the world, I would like to help with the spirit of the festivities. Although I will be reading on Pride Weekend in Toronto at Glad Day Bookshop (the oldest surviving LGBTQ book store in North America), I have decided to do something more. […]

At Last!

My original intention of writing frequent blog entries that followed my writing pursuits fell by the wayside. Looking back, I see I haven’t posted here since January. That lapse in itself is a comment on my world as a writer. It’s not that I haven’t been writing – far from it. I have been so […]