Thalia Spencer is missing. Is she in trouble or simply avoiding her family?

When his daughter disappears, conservative businessman John Spencer Hires Toronto Private eye Calli Barnow to find her. At first it seems like just another runaway case, but when Calli finds out that Thalia’s lover, Zoe, hasn’t seen her either, she starts to wonder if there’s something sinister going on. Then Thalia’s ex-boyfriend turns up dead. Is Calli hunting a killer or another victim?

This fast-moving thriller follows Calli Barnow through the twists and turns of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, from rundown but friendly Kensington market to the Church Street gaybourhood, through the ravines of Rosedale and Mount Pleasant’s Mausoleums.

Calli is an engaging companion, flawed but determined, pursued by her own demons as she tries to find a missing girl before more trouble finds her.

Insomniac Press, 2010



In the glamorous world of advertising, image is everything as intrepid lesbian PI Calli Barnow finds out when she goes undercover at a top Toronto agency. Following a twisted money trail, she stumbles across the body of a hot young copywriter, dead of a drug overdose at his desk. Just another casualty of the Bay Street rat race? Calli doesn’t think so and when she follows her intuition, trouble usually follows her.

Insomniac Press, 2012






The third Calli Barnow mystery celebrates family: lost, found, chosen, and unexpected. Calli faces her most difficult challenges yet, confronting the unthinkable, armed only with the love of her friends and her own inner resources.

“Once again, Liz Bugg delivers an intricately
textured mystery full of twists and strange clues that kept me guessing until the very end. A truly queer Toronto mystery.” — Farzana Doctor, author of Six Metres of Pavement

“From gut-splitting laughter to choke-back-tears
sadness, Liz Bugg plumbs the whole range of
emotion in this original, page-turning mystery.”
— Robin Spano, author of Death’s Last Run

“A classic mystery with a tenacious and loveable
private investigator at its heart—and a modern and moving meditation on the meanings of love, relationships and family. — Shawn Syms, ed. of Friend. Follow.Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline

Insomniac Press, 2013

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