At Last!

My original intention of writing frequent blog entries that followed my writing pursuits fell by the wayside. Looking back, I see I haven’t posted here since January. That lapse in itself is a comment on my world as a writer. It’s not that I haven’t been writing – far from it. I have been so busy writing that my blog suffered.

During the last three months I did the final revisions on Oranges and Lemons. By the time the manuscript went to the printer I was fairly satisfied. I have yet to write anything with which I am completely satisfied. Anyway, the release date for the book is  tomorrow, April 15.

What took up more of my time was finishing book #3 in the Calli Barnow Series. Yesterday afternoon I finally sent it off to my publisher and agent.

I’m starting to see how a rhythm could develop for the writing of a series.  Just as one book is released, the unrevised manuscript for the next installment is finished and ready to go through the whole process. At the same time, the following book could, maybe should be getting under way.

And so the adventures of Calli Barnow continue. Stay tuned.

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